Maandelijks archief: maart 2011

Vieze sprookjes

For book illustration we had to create a leporello based on Gerard Reve’s Vieze Sprookjes (dirty fairytales, or perhaps vulgar fairytales; sounds better). It was more associative illustration than a literal translation of text into image. The end result was folded into a square and is meant to be a cd booklet.

This is the leporello:

And bigger cutouts for your viewing pleasure:

The fairytales are worth a recommendation, by the way *grin* But sensitive souls, beware.
Het geheim van de smid
Eendje Kwak
Schraalhans Keukenmeester
Een goede les

Sketchy comic thing

Last semester I had a sketchbook in which I created random images with whatever material I had at that moment. (Will show some pictures when I’m on a school computer; everything’s scanned there). In 2011, I’m going to try the same thing, but with an actual storyline involved. These pages are the first results of that.

Keep in mind that this is created mostly when I’m waiting or doing something else. I’m not planning ahead, which means that pages can fail utterly. So far I love page 4 and I’m okay with 8, the others are horrible *laugh* Is the story (so far) a bit clear..? It’s only just started out.

Oh, and it’s a tiny tiny tiny booklet I’m drawing this in, with horrible paper….

What do you think?