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De God Van Nederland

Okay, time to post a number of illustrations for De God Van Nederland! Photogrid and Dropbox abandoned me half way through so I can’t vouch for absolute symmetry in the presentation of these illustrations *grin* All of it done in india ink. I think I missed a few, but I like these best anyway.

Not in order of appearance!


You can guess the reason behind this subject.

ganzenveer potlood vulpen stift

Yess. I wanted to make a nice filmstrip out of this as well, but alas, evil photogrid.




Click to enlarge.


The current situation in the food service industry. I may or may not have misused my husband as inspiration for that evil grin.


Also, pretty cranes.


It might not have been a cold winter, but it was cold enough to warrant some blanket and pillow crocheting! So without further ado, this is what happened on some of the cold, dreary nights of the past months…


A blanket was made for lovely new baby girl Carmen, the daughter of friends of mine.


A blanket was also made for us! This was a lot of work, as you can imagine;  it’s only just now finished. I used left over yarn, as I’m sure you can see. Love how colorful it is, but the next time I think I’ll stick to a color scheme. It’s about 2 by 2 meters and I don’t think I want to know how much yarn went into this. The pattern is a simple ripple, you can find it anywhere online.


As you can see, it’s being used rigorously already.


We needed a lampshade in our bedroom too. Made this up as I went along. Unfortunately the bottom ring isn’t heavy enough to pull the fabric completely tight, as you can see. Not sure how to fix this yet, any of you have an idea?


Also, some pillows just happened to come into existence… No idea how,  honestly. Also none of that happened when I had better things to do. Really.

The flower pillow is deceptively easy. You can find the pattern here:
The other one is basic granny squares crocheted together.

Well, that’s it for now. Next time I might just finally post some illustrations!