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Fukjoe en Piesmen

A long, long time ago, I started making these two dolls for a school assignment. I never finished them before the semester was over,  let alone used them for a stop motion animation, as was my intention when I started making them. I think. Mostly I just wanted to make something instead of draw something, and I always tend to gravitate towards fabric and yarn.

So these two did end up finished at one point or another, but I never showed them online. They sat in my parents’ window sill, sad,  alone,  forgotten… Until one day, my mother decided to use them as a subject for a still life. Suddenly, there was fame! Attention! Love and care!

Now, years too late, they will finally receive the attention of being featured in their creator’s blog. They went with a full out photo shoot, and I didn’t have the heart to discourage them….

So without further ado: meet Fukjoe and Piesmen! (My mother named them, please don’t blame me. She calls them a modern, or possibly a silly,  interpretion of Yin and Yang).






And finally, with their various portraits:


For a good look at these portraits – and a lot more art, visit my mother’s website at


I realized I never showed my graduation assignments here, aside from a lot of sketches that disappeared in the Great Disaster of the lost web account. So let’s start with one of them: a picture book for adults, written by my friend Sanne van den Heuvel of Welgeletterd and drawn, obviously, by me.

It was a lot of fun to work together like this. We worked in turn, meaning we both reacted to what the other had made and didn’t know how it would end until we were actually finished.

The scans are a bit paler than the drawings are in real life, but in the printed booklet this worked out in our favor. Not too fond of it in the computer version, but bear with me. If you want to see it in real life, ask and you shall be shown.

Click to read: Zwerver

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