Oude en nieuwe projecten

While working on new illustrations for De God Van Nederland (which you’ll be shown in due time ;)), I came across some old ones that I think I never put online, not even before the Great Website Crash of 2013. So here you go: some illustrations for an article on Geert Wilders, Job Cohen and Wouter Bos. I’m especially pleased with Henk and Ingrid.

draaikont poedel ingridhenk

A fox for one of my graduation books.vosje

And of course, still working on various knitting/crochet projects. These are all clothes, as is probably obvious. Also, very unfinished, except for the blue one, but that one is for the husband and he refuses to model it *grin* There might be exciting things brewing in this area, but I’m rather reluctant to share too much too soon. It’s one of the reasons the website update is so slow coming, though.


20140930_124556(1) 20140710_005940

3 gedachten over “Oude en nieuwe projecten

  1. Hihi, het knotje van Ingrid stamt uit een tijd waarin zulke knotjes nog niet hip waren. Nu zou Ingrid nooit meer zo’n knotje hebben, vrees ik.

    En ik vind Job Cohen heel goed gelukt!

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