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  1. Ooo, I'll be in. I've got a Collette dress pattern I've been meaning to sew for me (Macaron) – I'm failing at sewing clothes for myself at the moment, the last dress I attempted didn't fit over my bingo wings, the one before that made me look like Michelle Duggar. This might drag me out of my funk ;-).

  2. நன்à®±ி நண்பரே.. @Chitra நன்à®±ிà®™்க அக்கா. @ஷஹி நன்à®±ிà®™்க @à®®.தி.சுதா நன்à®±ி தோà®´à®°ே, வருகைக்குà®®் இணைப்பு கொடுத்ததற்குà®®். @வைகறை ஆமாà®™்க, நானுà®®் அப்படித்தான் நினைக்கிà®±ேன். நன்à®±ிà®™்க வருகைக்கு.

  3. I just found this group while browsing ravelry. I just LOVE the (lace) towel pattern! Although i learned to knit about 45 yrs ago, I only took up knitting seriously in the last 3yrs after teaching myself continental. At this point, I’ve made up for lost time having made lots of items, from socks to sweaters to shawls in most weights of yarn from lace weight to bulky.

  4. Aneh, biasanya normal2 aja pake paket ini. Tapi tadi udh coba paket harian malah kesedot ampe tinggal 75 perak. Padahal udah bener pake opmin 4.2 servernya juga default opmin, cuma dipake download malah kesedot! Gimana nih?Akhirnya terpaksa nulis komen juga pake trik internet gratis. Jadi yang dosa siapa? Saya atau TELKOLMSEL?

  5. I recognize the spot in those photographs!! We need to take a ride over there. I’m very interested in the culture of the Amish. I really need to schedule a lunch with you!!! I have to agree with “An Honest Man”…it must be difficult not to have any photos of your children as they grow up!

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